I’m here to encourage you to grow vital soil on your patch by rethinking what you do in your garden. The million dollar question is – to mulch or not to mulch? 🙂

Let’s talk mulch considerations.


There’s lots of things to consider. One of them is your site conditions. What’s it like? Have you got bare soil? Have you got grass you want to smother? Or have you got dirt with no microbial activity?

Mulch could be the answer.

What type of mulch? Grass-based mulch feeds bacteria. Woody-based mulch feeds fungi or a bit of both. You could probably use a bit of both. Especially because it helps grow vital soil, with its great ability to provide fantastic habitat.

And then think about what it’s doing – how is mulch linked to that vital soil?

Well, that beautiful habitat is also supplemented with the very fast takeaway food that the decomposing mulch can provide as well. So in conjunction with that and pulling the mulch back and planting some plants through it, that provide exudates and sugars. That is an excellent outcome and a great way of growing vital soil on your patch.

So I challenge you, I dare you… use great diversity in your mulch and grow vital soil on your patch!

For more great garden tips like these, head to https://growvitalsoil.com/


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