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We are REAL Pizza Pasta Salads

Located in Girai wurrung country, in the Victorian tourist town of Port Campbell, we are an eatery that puts connected responsibility, community and information sharing at the forefront of what we do.

We believe your food becomes you, and this belief motivates us to inspire, link, support and sustain our community in many ways. Our seasonal ingredient choices connect us to our environment and community while also reflecting our personal responsibility to the land.

  • We grow produce sustainably to supplement our ingredient suppliers.
  • We respect the toils of our producers.
  • We connect interested visitors with local volunteering opportunities.
  • We seek to minimise waste and upcycle and/or reapply waste where possible.
  • We offer hands-on, practical food preparation and edible gardening workshops.
  • We strive for diversity in all we think and do, seeking environmental balance as our reward.

our partner producers

We are a connected world, we cannot and should not stand alone

We seek connection with like-minded people and organisations across both REAL and The Place of Wonder, and through collaborations seek to empower our wider community. Our list of partners is long, and changes seasonally.


Louise North Wine Merchant

A specialist local wine wholesaling business that services and supports the restaurant, café, hotel, and independent retail trade in the South-West. LNWM provides memorable food and wine experiences that reflect our region.


Kangaroobie Meats

A business run by cattle farmers Matt & Sophie Bowker to provide friends and family (and friends of friends of friends) with sensational tasting beef raised on the natural, lush pastures of Western Victoria.



Located in Koroit, Victoria – a stone’s throw from Port Fairy, Warnambool and Tower Hill – a new brewery dedicated to brewing unique flavours. Following our intent to make all that we offer as local as possible, we now stock their range.


Mt. Elephant Hemp

At the foot of Mt. Elephant, Victoria, two innovative young farmers planted their first hemp crop, with a vision to make the health benefits of hemp available to everyone. Everything they create is specially formulated to provide nutritional support to help minds and bodies shine.


Great Wrap

Great Wrap is a revolutionary stretch wrap material made from potato waste. The materials perform the same as conventional plastic but will break down in under 180 days. Great Wrap is 100% compostable, meaning it will add organic matter to your compost pile leaving no microplastics behind.

Our permaculture garden

The Place of Wonder

The Place of Wonder is a 3-acre, edible habitat on the outskirts of Port Campbell, which is a place of learning and living. It is my home, my connection to the environment and my teacher.

The Place of Wonder garden helps supply seasonal produce to REAL Pizza Pasta Salads, and is where the art of producing and preparing sustainable wholefoods combines. It is the site of edible gardening workshops, occasional garden tours and fresh produce tastings.



I’m Kylie Treble and I feel like I stand on a board balanced between two platforms. One platform is about environmental regeneration and support, the other platform is about community skill-building for resilience.

If we continue thinking about the two platforms – the board balancing in between represents education, information and communication. In the eyes of some it is a precarious position as neither platform reflects our current business paradigm of economic priority. But to act simply for economic reward has never, nor ever will be my driver.

In this way, I see that I am a voice for both the encouragement and cultivation of natural systems and future generations of communities. Setting up REAL and The Place of Wonder garden as vehicles to carry these messages is my goal. In summary, I do little things which I hope become big things!