Got a question?

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We’ve made a short list of common FAQs to help you navigate your various experiences at REAL. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.


Yes! We have an outdoor dining area ideal for dining with pets.

REAL is open on most public holidays – check our Google listing for the most up-to-date opening hours and days.

Street parking is available out the front of REAL, and ample parking on side streets and by the beach nearby.

Our restaurant has all-abilities access. As mentioned, we are dog friendly and welcome guests of all ages!

Yes, simply get in touch to have a gift voucher organised and mailed out to you.

Our Menu

We have two different gluten-free pizza bases - a commercial gluten-free base and a house-made quinoa base from which to choose from. We also have a house-made gluten-free chickpea pasta.

Half-size pasta meals can be requested for children and we also have medium-sized pizzas that are ideal serving sizes for children.

Our wines come from specialised Victorian or South Australian grape-growing regions, which change seasonally. You can see our updates on our Instagram page, or by signing up to our newsletter here.

Certainly, we welcome your containers – in fact, we encourage it! Simply bring your own takeaway container/s to the counter when placing your order.


Because we are laying the foundations for all that follow us. We believe that community resilience coupled with environmental empathy and regeneration are essential as we move forward.

Good ancestry habits, an open-mindedness, your experiences and understanding. The skills that work for you.

It would be rare for an individual to have all the skills they require to support their needs, hence we must rely on others within our communities. For example, Do you know who drove the delivery truck that bought the ingredients for your breakfast to where you purchased it from? These unmet friends are part of your community and have skills that you rely on daily.

Internal skillsets involve personal understandings of who you are, how you react and how you cope.

An internal skillset is a bit like a 'tool shed' - where in times of interest or challenge you can go to your personal tool shed and select the tool or skill that you need to help you understand or process that particular time.

External skills are skills you learn throughout life that reflect the environment outside of yourself. Skills like this can include you building an understanding of where your food comes from, or how to cook with a solar oven. Both types of skills are equally important.

The community that we require has fingers way beyond the geography of Port Campbell. Share with those who it feels right to do so!

Events & Experiences

Get in touch with me and we can provide a platform and help find your audience!

Yes, you can. We can offer selected workshops for between 6 and 12 people at REAL or an alternative venue. Please contact us with your ideas and we'll try and make it happen!

Yes, we encourage volunteering where we can as it makes our community stronger. Let us know when you have your visit dates, and we can identify activities occurring during your stay and provide link-up contact details with the lead volunteer/s.

Diversity is king! Age to some skills may be a barrier, while to others it will be key. Possessing an open, enquiring mind is age-less.