Eat, Share & Learn

A restaurant connecting responsibly with food, community & the environment

Get REAL with us

At REAL, we do things differently

Experience a new way of dining – a design-your-own menu where the decision making is yours!

Perfect for locals, families and travellers (especially kids!) our REAL menu celebrates local ingredients with the environmental responsibility each of these ingredients deserves. Ask us where your ingredients are sourced from, learn why we use what we use, and make informed choices about the meals you create.

We work closely with a range of regional suppliers and The Place of Wonder garden to build a seasonal, fresh and unique menu for you to enjoy.

We also welcome you to expand your “Food-ucation” with us – attend one of our small-group food workshops or participate in one of our local volunteering link-up opportunities.

At REAL we celebrate food and the environment and love sharing this with our community. Pass on what you learn and experience – let’s work towards a holistic community well-being!


Experience getting REAL

Becoming better ancestors

Our focus on food and the environment is key to everything we do at REAL. Find out how we deal with waste and what we repurpose, ask us about our 9 different restaurant bins or try to guess which local hero made out front tables, the story behind our verandah poles and corrugated iron fence! We have lots of local and regional friends that have helped contribute to our restaurant.

REAL is filled with stories of upcycling, sustainability and environmental care – not only do we love sharing food but we love sharing these stories too. We want to become better ancestors for our planet and help our community to do so as well.

We want to make the learning opportunities at REAL an all-ages experience for the community. We offer workshops to expand your knowledge – from composting and gardening tips to fermenting and making sourdough, our learning calendar is ever-changing and we look forward to building out more workshops with our community.

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Port Campbell, a stone’s throw away from the beach, Suspension Bridge, the Pier, the Point and more. At REAL, you truly can discover something new each time you visit.

Get involved with what we do at REAL