Inform, Choose & Become

Helping you connect responsibly with food, community & the environment

at real, we do things differently

Welcome to REAL!

At REAL we aim to inform you about the food and ingredients you eat, helping you to choose wisely, seeking personal and wider environmental benefit while encouraging you to become the best you with the best food habits in the best environment that we as a community can support and help regenerate.

We’re excited for you to join us on this connected journey!

REAL by day

We’re cultivating a community of like-minded people, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, to:

  • Come together around food,
  • Build our collective experience, and
  • Enable readiness for an ever-changing future.

Each month, by day, REAL will host various Wellbeing activities, Community food events and our Producers market – a space for our community to come together, build and share collective experiences and forge a future which supports the notion of good ancestry.

REAL by night

Working closely with a range of regional suppliers and The Place of Wonder garden, we offer a seasonal, fresh, minimally-packaged and low-food-mile selection of ingredients. We help inform you about the ingredients on offer, so you can order the meal thats right for you.

With ingredient information, their environmental impact and tastebuds at the ready, it is up to you to select your ingredients and create-your-own meal. REAL is a place for every food preference imaginable and every age!

working for generations to come

Becoming better ancestors

Located on Girai wurrung country, in the environmentally unique southwest Victorian tourist town of Port Campbell, we are a restaurant that puts eating responsibility at the forefront of what we do. We celebrate our connection to these regional lands and are conscious of what we leave behind for future generations.

We see our role of helping inspire and inform the food choices you make, as one which supports not only you, but our community and our environment too.

REAL practices good ancestry by:

  • Growing supplementary ingredients locally at The Place of Wonder garden, decreasing the impact of packaging and food miles in our environment
  • Promoting producers with similar ideals to aid a groundswell of conscious producers – see our About page for a current list
  • Minimising waste. We have 11 sorting bins and avoid, upcycle (see our outdoor tables and courtyard wall) or reapply (see our ‘Borrow Bureau’) resources wherever possible
  • Encouraging the use of nutrient-dense ingredients which have been grown in vital soils, alongside instigating the Grow Vital Soil Challenge
  • We encourage diversity in all we think and do

Get involved – join us

Choose how you would like to get involved. Participate or attend a REAL by day activity or dine with us during REAL by night. If you’d like to understand a bit more about what we do, check out our story or our blog!

Our aim is to build a community filled with knowledge that can be kept alive and passed through generations. We’re excited to take this journey with you.