Ready to rethink what you do in your garden?

Let’s think about weeds.


Think about how you define them in your garden.

So for me, diversity is really important. A weed therefore is anything that prevents that diversity, anything that stops that from happening. So on your patch, that might be, as it is in mine, the lawn where I don’t have many species represented  as opposed to my garden where there’s lots of plants represented.

And we understand the importance of that diversity, because each of those plants feed the vital soil different sugars and exudates, bringing all the soil microbes happiness, bringing that microbial diversity and resilience, with fantastic end results to the plants that we grow.

So what can you do on your patch? Well, rethink your definition of a weed. What actually is a weed to you? Should it stay or should it go?

And how should you manage it? Think about managing it seasonally.

Maybe you chop it, maybe you drop it. Maybe you don’t pull it out. Maybe you do. Rethink what you do in your garden. I challenge you to grow vital soil.

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