It’s a walk down the street, a skip through a paddock, a jiggle in a forest, a paddle across a lake, a discussion with a supplier, a nod with a builder, a reason to plant a tree – it’s all part of life’s journey!

Good ancestry includes acknowledgment in decision making today, that generations of people, animals and plants will follow us in the future.

Looking back in time and giving thanks to those who came before is becoming more transparent and accepted. Looking forward, being empathetic and anticipating the needs of future generations requires a different momentum with an evolving set of visionary glasses. We need to ask ourselves;

What might generations (of all living entities) need in the future?

A deep dive reveals that in a recent future, their shoes are likely to be similar to ours. The ability to produce and/or procure food, a secure space in which to live and love, community connections for relationships, family, and the continuation of predictable natural systems are likely to be high on their needs list.

At REAL we like to make decisions and choices that minimise the impact of our actions on the ability of future generations to live a sustainable lifestyle. Many of these actions are around resource use, particularly shortening the food chain and applying all our resources effectively, but they also impact our desire to support community connection and our decisions on the end-of-life phase of resources. In-house, our ‘Pay-it-Forward’ option encourages customers to think ahead, encouraging conversations about good ancestry.

At The Place of Wonder garden, we are always planning for the future. Every tree planted is an ancestral investment. Every act that maximises diversity brings resilience and security to those future generations.

As we progress, we are excited to spread good ancestry principles into embedded food chain systems and to increase natural habitat. There is much that we can do to pave a liveable path for future generations, all it takes is a mighty dose of empathy coupled with an informed approach to natural systems.

After all, good ancestry is the reason that I smile at strangers and plant trees…

Love where you live and where you visit xx


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