REAL-logoOur Philosophy

why we do what we do

Nurturing for years to come 

At REAL we believe that community resilience coupled with environmental empathy and regeneration are essential as we move forward. We know that, in our communities, different skills will become valid as we face change.

It is our goal at REAL to assist skill development both in individuals and our community, which is why we put community skill-building and environmental education before economic reward.


At REAL, what we do and how we do it are measured firstly against an environmental reward scoresheet, secondly in relation to their role in building community capacity, and thirdly, economically. We know that a local community with embedded skills makes as much sense as sourcing ingredients locally.

our impact goes beyond our actions today

How can we ensure what we leave behind is valuable to the next generation?

There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge. Together, we can support future generations by developing our community skills and understanding, especially in relation to food systems.

Skills and understanding can be either your internal skills, such as your mindset, or external skills, such as how to cook with a solar oven. We have been, and will continue to, celebrate these various skills at REAL throughout 2023.

Moving forward, at REAL, we will be encouraging a natural curiosity amongst our community which encourages individuals to seek and develop their internal and external (physical) skills. To do this, REAL by day offers events, activities and workshops focused on holistic wellbeing. These may include; understanding your watershed (the natural water pathways), where your food comes from and the exploration of alternative food systems, or how to cultivate your intuition. In this way we can learn from each other, connect, and build community capacity aimed at passing a toolkit with relevant skills to the next generation.

It been wonderful celebrating everyones various aptitudes throughout our REAL by day events so far this year. We hope you will continue to join us on our journey – wherever you current skills sit, you will always have something to learn (or contribute!) to the community.