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Our REAL by day events are full of information! Information gives each of us a position of understanding. And with understanding comes the ability to make considered choices, which is why we focus on giving you the tools (information) when you visit us.

Being fully aware of the context, actions and implications of our choices helps us relate to others’ choices, allowing us to build an empathy within our community.

Through our various events – our Producers Markets, journalling sessions or yoga by the beach – our REAL by day events give you the opportunity to learn a new skill, re-evaluate or reframe something you already know and build a greater sense of connection.

Whether you’re looking to increase your capacity, leave something behind for future generations or simply get to know your community, we hope our events give you the opportunity to grow. Who knows – you might be teaching us all something new at the next one!

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Sep 15



Spring Producers Market


Come along and support our local foodies at our Spring Producer Markets!

We’re showcasing a range of regional produce, this time on a Friday night. We will be stocked with fresh veggies, relishes, honey, nut butters and more. The fun starts from 4pm!

From 5pm, in honour of Spring, we will be holding a ‘Herb Swap’. Bring your plants, cuttings or seeds (dried or fresh, you choose) to share and connect with your neighbours. All herbs are welcome!

Come on down this Friday night and see what the market is all about.

Start: 4pm – late
Price: Free entry to the market

Oct 16



Our Nurture Circle


If life was like a box of chocolates, which would you choose? Hard? Soft? Crunchy? Those with a surprise in the middle?

Choose to let us nurture you.

Sangita Waters, accomplished Yoga teacher, Angela Preiss, Sound bather and musician, and myself, food nurturer, are offering you the opportunity to be held while we guide you with tools and experiences which will help you navigate your ‘box of chocolates’.

Join us for our Nurture Circle next month on Sunday October 16th, from 10am til 3pm at various locations in Port Campbell. We will be starting at Sangita’s Yoga Studio on Hennessey Street, and making our way through the experiences of the day from there. Lunch and nibbles will be provided, and numbers are limited. Tickets are $90 per person for the day, so please let me know if you are interested.

Come experience our first Nurture Circle for the season.

Start: 10am – 3pm
Price: $90 per person

Expressions of interest are open now – please email us to secure your spot.

Nov 7



Melbourne Cup after party!


Fabulous, Fashion, Fun and Food!

Guided by Spencer Street, experience an evening of community, connection, fun and delicious food!

Included in your ticket price is a buffet style dinner, alongside the following FUN-filled activities:

  • Drag performance by Spencer Street
  • Community talent show (all skills welcome, silly or serious!)
  • Community Clothes Swap Fashion Runway, including stylings by Nicola Everett
  • Music fun by local band Lisztomania

Tickets at $50 per person, and bookings are essential!

Please send an email using the button below, or give me a call on 0417 781 343 to book your spot.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Start: 6pm onwards
Price: $50 per person


Online videos accessible anytime


Grow Vital Soil Challenge


Much of our soil is now unliving, uncycling, artificial, fertiliser-reliant dirt – and too little of the soil story is actually told. There is still much to be learnt, but what we do know is that a healthy, living, vital soil is essential to our nutritional wellbeing and the wellbeing of all living organisms. It’s time to change that…

So let’s grow vital soil!  

To create awareness and upskill the masses, a small group of us are starting the “Grow Vital Soil Challenge” – a collection of video challenges encouraging all of us to grow vital soil on our patch.

Our program launched last year on National Planting Day in March. If you’d like to find out more, visit the Grow Vital Soil website and like us on Facebook and Instagram to see our regular video instalments, hints and more.

Start: Videos available now
Price: Completely free!

actions at home

Grow Vital Soil

The aim of the “Grow Vital Soil” challenge is to encourage swaths of vital soil growth across the country. We are here to help and guide you!

Over the next few months we will regularly upload video snippets to inform and inspire action. Over time, engage with other like-minded vital soil growers and registering to participate in online workshops.

Visit our Grow Vital Soil website to start your journey.