Of all the plants that surround us, trees are the most majestic reminders that change is both natural and inevitable. Their size infers comparison to man-made constructions often misleading us into thinking that they are static. But trees are living, breathing organisms, exposed to environmental challenges, seasonal vagrancies and daily cycles; conditions for growth and aging. Branches will broaden and hollows will develop as a tree seemingly moves from juvenile to teenager, mid-life to senior, embracing changing habitat relationships at each juncture.

In change there can be opportunities for doing things better.

At REAL change is our natural constant. It is both our habit and our edict to look for better, lighter ways of being a restaurant. We continuously look for ways to avoid, repurpose or recycle (I was recently delighted when Mt Zero, our supplier of olives and pulses, agreed to take back ingredient buckets for reuse).

We also appreciate that our customers are looking for different experiences, so REAL has developed a ‘Borrow Bureau’. A cupboard stocked with drink bottles, keep cups, picnic blankets and Port Campbell walking tour maps. Each item available for takeaway customers to use and return.

It is our hope that a visit to REAL reminds us to look for the opportunities to live lighter with a focus on the positives that change offers.


This article appeared originally in the Western District Newspaper “Health and Wellbeing” Feature in November 2021.