What is this vital soil? Why is it important to me?

Let’s take a microscopic deep dive and have a look below us at what might be happening there in a vital soil.

Imagine you are looking at the soil beneath your feet. What do you see?


We would see protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and bigger organisms like snails and slugs, worms, spiders and beetles. And they are all connecting, transferring nutrients, communicating and reproducing.

That vitality, that soil web is essential to soil vitality. That living life, that microbial life.

So why do we need a vital soil? We rely upon it. We eat the products from that soil. The more vital the soil, the better nutritional density our food will carry.

That’s one aspect but soil also filters our water, and some of our air. A vital soil also nurtures and caters for many other creatures, who we live amongst and depend upon for our own well-being.

A vital soil is essential for our health and well-being because it’s also essential for the environment and the health and well-being of other creatures.

So, what can you do to create this vital soil?

There’s a trigger; plants. Those beautiful green photosynthetic things we are surrounded by. That take sunlight energy and transfer it into photosynthesates, making sugars and carbohydrates that they then pump through their root systems into the soil, feeding that microbial activity. That’s the trigger, that’s how you begin to get vital soil.

So I dare you, I challenge you. Grow vital soil on your patch. By putting plants absolutely everywhere, and making bare soil completely extinct. You might do that by using seed bombs, and throwing seeds everywhere! You might leave weeds in your garden. Or you might leave plants in existence where you might have pulled them out otherwise.

Ground covers, for example, are a fantastic way of covering bare soil.

By making bare soil extinct and putting plants in that place you are getting a long way forward to growing vital soil.

So I dare you, I challenge you. Make bare soil extinct on your patch by growing plants everywhere!

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