your events

We welcome hosting of events, work functions, workshops, birthday parties, and more.

We have a private workshop/meeting space for rent complete with projector, kitchen and bathroom facilities, suitable for approx. 12 people.

We have a protected courtyard area ideal for parties and post-meeting gatherings suited to approx. 30 people. Get in touch with your needs today.


your time

A sure way of getting to know a place is to meet the locals!

A great way of linking to the local community is through a volunteer activity. Activities range from tree planting and guarding, to reading to the elderly, picking up rubbish and pulling weeds. All activities are community-based and local volunteer led.

Imagine returning to a place knowing that you have contributed to the local environment and being able to think, ‘I helped plant that.’

Contribute as little as one hour of your visit! Selected activities are family-friendly. Get in touch for an up-to-date list of volunteer opportunities.

Your resources

Introducing REAL’s Pizza Economy

At REAL, we are happy to exchange what you have grown or made, for pizza or for room/courtyard hire. We value the skills and prowess of our local community.

And if you no longer need it or we can’t use it, there is always the local ‘Swap Shed’, located on the outskirts of town. A place for sharing items with the wider community. It’s like a lending library where you can leave an item, or even take something in return when you need it.

To put a monetary focus on sharing, consider paying a meal forward for your unmet friend. We will keep a tab at the counter and your additional contribution will be noted and applied to the first customer of the following night.