About our workshops

Workshops are generally 2 hours in duration. All materials, equipment and ingredients are supplied.

You’ll complete the workshop with lots of take-home recipes and hints. Food preparation workshops are held at REAL (25 Lord St, Port Campbell) and Food Growing workshops are held at The Place of Wonder (2133 Cobden-Port Campbell Rd, Newfield).

Bookings are essential and payments are to be made at the time of booking.

Check out our calendar below for upcoming workshop dates.


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Mar 25



Seasonal Pasta Sauces Cooking Demonstration


Get hands on with Steve from Otway Pasta in this cooking demo!

With your assistance, Steve will be preparing a seafood pasta dish using fresh pasta at REAL. You will have the opportunity to ask Steve about all things pasta while he cooks. This event is part of Port Campbell’s Crayfest weekend, which runs from 25th-27th March.

To finish off your evening, you will be able to partake in a pizza and pasta seafood-focussed buffet.

Tickets for the evening are $26 per person, and bookings are essential. 

Start: 6pm
Price: $26


Online videos, released 21st March 2022


Grow Vital Soil Challenge!


Much of our soil is now unliving, uncycling, artificial, fertiliser-reliant dirt – and too little of the soil story is actually told. There is still much to be learnt, but what we do know is that a healthy, living, vital soil is essential to our nutritional wellbeing and the wellbeing of all living organisms.

So let’s grow vital soil!  

To create awareness and upskill the masses, a small group of us are starting the “Grow Vital Soil Challenge” – a collection of video challenges encouraging all of us to grow vital soil on our patch.

Our program launched on the 21st March – National Planting Day. If you’d like to find out more, visit the Grow Vital Soil website and like us on Facebook and Instagram to see our regular video instalments, hints and more.

Start: First video available 21st March
Price: Completely free!

Coming Soon


Fermentation Workshop


actions at home

Grow Vital Soil

The aim of the “Grow Vital Soil” challenge is to encourage swaths of vital soil growth across the country. We are here to help and guide you!

Over the next few months we will regularly upload video snippets to inform and inspire action. Over time, engage with other like-minded vital soil growers and registering to participate in online workshops.

Our first video will drop on the 21st of March. Visit our Grow Vital Soil website to start your journey!